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IAM Identity Center Integration

The TEAM application needs to be onboarded as a SAML 2.0 application on AWS IAM Identity Center before it can be fully accessed.

SAML Configuration Parameters

The following parameters will be required for configuring the TEAM application as a SAML app in AWS Identity Center:

  • applicationStartURL - AWS IAM Identity Center application properties configuration settings

  • applicationACSURL - AWS IAM Identity Center application metadata configuration settings

  • applicationSAMLAudience - URN for the AWS Cognito user pool ID for the TEAM application

The bash script in the deployment folder can be used to obtain the SAML configuration parameters:

Execute the following command in the root directory to deploy the script:

cd deployment

The result should be similar to the below:

applicationSAMLAudience: urn:amazon:cognito:sp:us-east-1_GXaUCfcno

Configure IAM Identity Center SAML Integration

Follow the steps below to integrate the TEAM application with AWS IAM Identity Center as a SAML application:

In AWS IAM Identity Center console > Application assignment > Applications > Add application

  • Select Add custom SAML 2.0 Application and click on Next
  • Type TEAM IDC APP as display name and add a description for the TEAM application under Configure application section.
  • Copy and save the URL of AWS IAM Identity Center SAML metadata file URL. It would be used later for configuring Cognito User pool.
  • Enter the value of applicationStartURL parameter in Application start URL under the Application properties section:

IdC App Properties

  • In the Application Metadata section select Manually type your metadata values.
  • Enter the value of applicationACSURL parameter in Application ACS URL.
  • Enter the value of applicationSAMLAudience parameter in Application SAML audience.

IdC App Metadata

Click Submit to save configuration.

Configure Attribute Mapping

  • Click the Actions dropdown and select Edit attribute mappings and add the following values
Subject - ${user:subject} - persistent
Email - ${user:email} - basic

IdC Attribute Mapping

Click Save changes

Assign users or groups to TEAM application

Under Assigned Users Click the Assign users and add users. This will grant assigned users and groups access to login to the TEAM application.

Remember to add the team-admin and team-auditor group to the team application in addition to other application users and groups

IdC Assign Users

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