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Notification configuration

TEAM supports email notifications via Amazon SES, Slack notifications via a custom Slack app, and custom notificatons via Amazon SNS. Notifications can be configured from the Settings page.

Notification Types

Email notification via Amazon SES

TEAM supports email notifications via Amazon SES either in the TEAM deployment account, or in another AWS account if authorized.

  • To use Amazon SES in the TEAM deployment account, enable it, and for production use cases, move SES out of sandbox mode - Moving out of the Amazon SES sandbox
  • Designate a verified email address in Amazon SES for originating approval and TEAM workflow notifications - Verifying identities in Amazon SES

    If your SES account is in sandbox mode, and for testing, make sure all requester, approver and notification email addresses are verified in SES otherwise TEAM notification would not function as expected.

  • As a TEAM administrator, navigate to the Settings page. Click on Edit to Enable email notifications and enter the source email address. If using an SES identity in another account, set the SES Source ARN, otherwise leave it blank.

Slack notifications

  • As a TEAM administrator, navigate to the Settings page.
  • Click on the Edit button to enable Slack notification.
  • Install the Slack app to your Slack workspace by clicking the provided link.
  • In the Slack app page, click on the OAuth & Permissions section and copy the Bot User OAuth Token.
  • In the TEAM Settings page, enable Slack notifications and enter the Bot User OAuth Token as the Slack OAuth token.

The Slack app creates a Bot user with several permission scopes. Review these before installation. The permissions include viewing email addresses of Slack users, viewing user profile details, starting direct messages with people, and sending messages as the bot user. Protect the generated OAuth token as it retains these permissions and should be considered a secret.

Custom notifications via Amazon SNS

TEAM creates an SNS topic in the TEAM deployment account named TeamNotifications-main. You may create subscriptions to this topic that will receive the full event details when notifications are generated.

  • As a TEAM administrator, navigate to the Settings page.
  • Click on Edit to enable SNS notifications.
  • In the TEAM deployment account, create an SNS subscription to the TEAM notification topic named TeamNotifications-main.
  • Configure your subscription target as desired to handle messages delivered via Amazon SNS. SNS will deliver a subject and a JSON-encoded message to the target.

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