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Uninstall TEAM solution

Run the bash script in the deployment folder to uninstall the TEAM application and delete all backend resources.

The bash script performs the following actions within the TEAM_ACCOUNT:

  • Deletes the Amplify backend Cloudformation stack
  • Deletes the Amplify App Cloudformation stack
  • Deletes the CodeCommit repository for the TEAM application

    Ensure that the named profile for the TEAM Deployment account has sufficient permissions before executing the script

Execute the following command in the root directory to deploy the script

cd deployment

Once the script is complete, monitor the Cloudformation UI for the deletion status of the backend stack to ensure the backend end resources are deleted and cleaned up properly.

This process does not remove existing permission policy templates or delegated admin configuration in order to prevent negatively impacting your environment if utilized outside of TEAM. AWS recommends following your existing internal review process to address these assets.

Delete TEAM app in IAM Identity center

Follow the steps below to delete TEAM as a SAML application in IAM Identity Center:

  • In AWS IAM Identity Center console >Application assignment > Applications > Applications. Choose the tab Configured

  • Select the TEAM application and from the Actions drop-down menu, choose Remove

IdC App Uninstall

Delete Amplify deployment artifacts S3 bucket

The Amplify deployment S3 bucket has versioning enabled. As such you cannot empty or delete the bucket using the AWS CLI.

The format of the amplify s3 bucket name is amplify-teamidcapp-main-xxxx-deployment

Empty and delete the Amplify S3 bucket using the s3 console.