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Update TEAM solution

Ensure that the in the deployment folder is up to date before updating the TEAM solution

Run the bash script in the deployment folder to update the TEAM application to the latest version.

The bash script performs the following actions:

  • Adds the AWS samples github repo as a git remote
  • Pulls the latest version of the TEAM code
  • Push the latest version to the TEAM code commit repo which triggers the amplify build and deployment
  • Removes the AWS samples github repo as a git remote

    Ensure that the named profile for the TEAM Deployment account has sufficient permissions before executing the script

Execute the following command in the root directory to deploy the script

cd deployment

Once the upgrade script has completed execution, go to the AWS Amplify console to monitor the status of the TEAM application build and deployment.

If upgrading to v1.1.1 (Custom Domain)

This step is optional and required only if you intend to use a custom domain for your TEAM deployment instead of the default amplify generated domain name.

TEAM v1.1.1 introduces the use of custom domain instead of the default amplify generated domain name. To use a custom domain, ensure to update the in the deployment folder with UI_DOMAIN key and your custom domain name before running the ./ script.

Follow the steps below to integrate your custom domain with amplify once the update deployment is complete.

Custom domain integration (If Using Custom Domain)

Go to Amplify console: AWS AMPLIFY → All Apps → TEAM-IDC-APP → Domain Management → Add domain. custom

Follow instructions in Amplify documentation for more details on setting up custom domains

Execute the script and update the applicationstartURL in AWS IAM Identity Center for your TEAM application

Execute the script

Ensure your custom domain is reflected in Allowed Callback URLs and Allowed sign-out URLs Amazon Cognito → User pools → $(User Pool Name) → App Integration → $(ClientWeb) → HostedUI

Verify app deployment

Go to Amplify console: AWS Amplify -> All apps -> TEAM-IDC-APP -> Hosting environments. On the Hosting environments tab, click on the application URL to confirm that it was deployed successfully and you can access the TEAM application landing page as shown in the video below: