Clean Up

Congratulations! It is time to clean up your resources.

CloudFormation Clean Up

If you allocate resources using CloudFormation, it is able to remove resources deleting CloudFormation stack.


Click “Delete” button on CloudFormation console.


At this time, if there is a dependency on the resource created during the lab, you must either remove the dependency or manually remove the resource.

Deleting Resources

Remove those resources on your console.

  • GameLift Build, Fleet and Alias.
  • GameLift Queue, Matchmaking configuration.
  • EC2 instance for Matchmaker.
  • DynamoDB, ElastiCache, S3.
  • Lambda functions.
  • API Gateway.
  • Resources used for FleetIQ.

Remove FleetIQ Resources

To remove resources from FleetIQ, execute the following command in the location where the CLIv2 environment is installed.

aws gamelift delete-game-server-group --game-server-group-name <Game Server Group Name>