Start Full Stack Game with GameLift

It has been a long time to develop your game. And Finally… it is time to launch! “Gomoku” is traditional board game that is playing with two stones, black and white.

Two players put their stones on the board, make a line with 5 stones, and win the game. Before launch your game, you found the issue. Oh my god! We cannot play “Gomoku” alone! You decided to make game playable via internet. And you found that AWS Services can help this.

Especially with GameLift, You found that it is easy to make session based game.

Game is already given, and you can start this job easily with this Hands on Lab. In this lab, we are trying to make Full Stack Game based on GameLift with Serverless and Managed Services.

Today’s Demo


This is the game we make. It seems interesting!
Let’s start making the game step by step.